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Are you feeling frustrated, exhausted and misunderstood? Are you struggling to get through the day? Are your needs at the bottom of the list?

If you are in pain from your own or someone else’s addiction I can teach you how to create a happier more authentic life through my unique and simple program; the happiness recovery system.

If you are sober or supporting someone in recovery and are on a hamster wheel just moving through the days, now is the time to Step Up Your Recovery.

The balance wheel of life is supposed to be round, but trying to balance recovery, self-care, boundaries, work, family, life…that wheel can get flat. That moving through life feels mediocre.

The Step Up Your Recovery program is a safe intimate group online program for those who are sober and wanting to get more out of life. It is time to live the life you dreamed of; to improve relationships with self and others.

I know how you feel. When I became sober in 1998, I started to learn about my authentic self. I was physically sober but struggling in relationships and unhappy. I didn’t know how to set boundaries, take care of myself, improve relationships, stay motivated and focus on myself especially when people I loved were addicts. I had to change and my family didn’t like the new and improved sober Wendy as I discovered who I really was, what my needs were and started saying no.

They were happy I stopped drinking, but they didn’t understand that if I didn’t have a psychic change. I would have relapsed. I eventually, got a divorce and returned to graduate school which was extremely difficult with 2 young children. I created this program with you in mind whether you are in recovery from addiction or addicted to the addicted. My program combines evidenced based tools and my own personal recovery strategies to support you on your discovery journey.

Licensed Therapist & Addiction Specialist

In my unique one-on-one coaching sessions, you will learn through proven evidenced based methods how to improve all areas of your life. I have been on this personal and professional journey of recovery since 1998. I’ve learned recovery must be a priority; as a licensed therapist, addiction specialist, woman in recovery and author, I understand that you can live a happier, more peaceful life in recovery through applying “The Happiness Recovery System.” I am available and in contact with you in between our weekly sessions for extra support.

 You are responsible for you own happiness. Let me show you how to create new rules to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Get started today with your COMPLIMENTARY 30-min. Blueprint call where we’ll make a strategic plan to live a more successful, rewarding life.

Testimonials as a coach from google. I can use from webinar slides. Nancy was sober for 10 years and was exhausted trying to please her husband , go to meetings, cook, work etc.

I'm Wendy Behar.

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Get Your Gift | Self-Care Journal 

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In this simple and powerful book, I reveal methods for true healing and growth that will enable you to end your struggle with boundaries, overcome the past, and change the course of your life. Perfect read for prioritizing self-care and healthy boundaries!
Start your journey of self-care today.

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This read was so cathartic, I couldn’t have written it better if Wendy was to climb into my brain. I am doing the Wendy dance! This book is a MUST READ for the world! I give it an A+++. Therapy, therapist, life changing read!


Kind Readers

This book was a highly informative read. As a young person, it’s easy to think we’re invincible or that we have it all figured out. But we keep making the same mistakes and finding ourselves in all too familiar ruts. This book truly helped me take stepping stones toward an inner strength that I never thought I had. Highly recommend. :)


Thanks to the honesty and transparency of the author, Wendy Behar, this book is a great example of the life changes you can make when you put yourself first. Wendy makes this work feel so accessible and exciting, when it otherwise oftentimes feels daunting. Self-help for the win!


It's time to start prioritizing your happiness in recovery.

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