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After getting sober, I had the courage and clarity to leave an unhealthy marriage, attend graduate school, and work as a therapist.

I later went on to publish my first book, and seeing the success it had in helping people, I started my own business, teaching people the things I wish I had learned in my twenties, thirties and beyond.

Speaking to groups and empowering individuals to live their best life is my passion. I love helping others find their voice, gain authenticity, establish healthy boundaries, and learn to live their best life.

“After all, it’s your life, you make the rules!”

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Working with Wendy has been amazing on so many levels. We met serendipitously and she is an amazing sober coach. She has been coaching me on how to improve my relationships, set boundaries and prioritize my needs. All the while keeping my sobriety on course with my life challenges and victories. When she says she has your back, she really means your heart ❤️

-Sheila M

Not only did she remind me with her book “Your rules your life”, how to heal and stay healed. But my first coaching session with her is changing my life, as she is guiding me to change words. And showing me how much it matters. She left me with tools, that I am still working on.

-Libra J

I was having bouts of depression and I decided to make an appointment for a happiness blueprint coaching call. We had our first session this morning and she gave me strategies, wonderful tips and advice on how to clear my head and resume to my normally happy life.
I highly recommend that you work with her. She was so warm and sensitive to my issues. Now I have an action plan to practice until our next session.

-Nina R

Wendy is an outstanding mentor and coach. She supported community members going through seasons of doubt and in need of a confidence boost to take ownership of their lives. She uses techniques that promote self -love through setting boundaries; to this day her mentees rave about her.

-Francine M

It's time to start prioritizing your happiness in recovery.

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